10/03/2014 11:14 am ET Updated Oct 04, 2014

13 Essential Instagram Accounts Every TV Fan Should Follow

Get ready to do a lot more double-tapping.

If you're like us, you're constantly on the hunt for information on your favorite TV shows. Will Mindy and Danny make it? What happened to Olivia Pope? Who's the next "Saturday Night Live" host? Do your favorite TV stars hang out with your other favorite TV stars?

We're here to help you out with that process. Here are the Instagram accounts every diehard TV fan should be following:

Kerry Washington

Awesome fashion? Check. Behind-the-scenes shots? Check. Huge "Scandal" spoilers? Okay, not really, but everything else makes up for it. You can follow Washington here.

January Jones

She may have a few great photos with the "Mad Men" cast, but Jones is no Betty Draper. Although we admire her laid-back action shots, she really shines when it comes to Throwback Thursday. Check out her Instagram here.

Jenny Slate

She's incredible on "Bob's Burgers," "House Of Lies" and "Parks And Rec," plus she hangs out with Lena Dunham. Why wouldn't you want to follow her?

The "SNL" official Instagram account

Live from Instagram, it's Saturday night! And it's not like we really need to tell you they have an awesome Instagram account.

Aidy Bryant

In case you're craving more "SNL" -- and let's face it, you totally are -- get more personal with the hilarious Aidy Bryant, who posts everything from cool manicures to behind-the-scenes "SNL" shots. Check her out here.

Lena Dunham

If Dunham only posted behind-the-scenes "Girls" shots, it would be enough. But she also has photos with Mindy Kaling, Jenny Slate and more. Also, she did the ice bucket challenge and it was the best. Follow her here.

The "Orange Is The New Black" official Instagram account

Following individual members of the cast is cool and all, but you can really get everything "OITNB" on the show's official Instagram account. Like tons of photos of the cast out of their prison uniforms, for example.

Ben Schwartz

His Instagram handle is "rejectedjokes," but we can't stop laughing while scrolling through this "Parks And Rec" star's Instagram photos.

Kat Dennings

If you're a fan of "2 Broke Girls," or just Dennings in general, you should absolutely follow her on Instagram. In addition to super cute pictures of cats and dogs, she's got some behind-the-scenes "2 Broke Girls" photos. Oh, and Martha Stewart makes an appearance.

Mindy Kaling

Kaling is known for her wit, and it's hardly confined to her TV show and Twitter. Follow Kaling's Instagram here for "Mindy Project" spoilers, hilarious captions and celebrity photobombs.


One thing's for sure: Retta's unforettable, and her Instagram proves it. No disrespect to Slate or Schwartz, but her "Parks And Rec" behind-the-scenes posts blow them out of the water.

Taran Killam

Another "SNL"-er, and he doesn't disappoint. Check out Killam's hilarious posts here.

Maisie Williams

Winter is coming, but not for this "Game Of Thrones" star, who posts a bunch of awesome selfies with a few cats thrown in here and there. Follow Williams here.