10/04/2014 11:02 am ET Updated Oct 05, 2014

Let These Photos Take You Inside The Hong Kong Protests

Hong Kong's pro-democracy protesters are savvy social-media users. Images of the crowds taking over the city streets this week have been shared around the world, sparking rallies of support from Manila to Los Angeles.

Powerful portraits of the protest movement have been shared on the photo-sharing app EyeEm, documenting some of the people and places behind the mass push for greater freedoms from Beijing.

Protesters in Hong Kong are demanding the right to choose their political leader in the 2017 elections without interference from Beijing. The demonstrations swelled last weekend after riot police used tear gas on the crowds. After a tense standoff this week, counter-protesters stormed the sit-ins on Friday. The future of the protest movement remains unclear.

Here is a selection of the stunning images from the historic protests, part of EyeEm's gallery from Hong Kong.

EyeEm Hong Kong