10/04/2014 11:32 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

11 Things Kendall Jenner Taught Us About Fashion Week


Kendall Jenner dropped her last name for fashion and it looks like it's really paying off.

From New York to Paris, the model made appearances at some of the best shows out there.

With her playful personality and her commitment to a serious modeling career, Kendall is gearing up as a next-generation supermodel. And while she's finally proving that she belongs in the industry, she's taught us a thing or two about what it's like to be in the throws of fashion week.

From her Instagram updates to her stunning runway snaps, here's what we learned from Kendall in the last month.

1. It's important to be prepared and organized before shows

2. But it's not always important to be clothed

3. Having the right "game face" is everything
kendall jenner

4. Safety is important, especially in beautiful gowns

5. You can get some good tourisiting in between shows

6. With confidence, you can even wear a bathing suit to a fashion show
kendall jenner

7. In the face of rumors, just smile

8. Hangin' out backstage can actually be fun
kendall jenner

9. Sometimes you have to take matters into you own hands

10. Never be afraid to be the leader of the pack

11. And it's totally cool to party with your family



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