10/06/2014 02:51 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

This Crab Stood Up To A Very Big Alligator -- And Won

It's a good thing this crab wasn't out to lunch -- because it was about to become a meal for a sneaky alligator.

South Carolina resident Phil Lanoue photographed the moment the crab and the gator faced off in what could have been a battle to the death -- for the crab, anyway. But when it heard the giant reptile approaching from behind, Lanoue saw the wee crustacean wheel around and pinch the alligator on the snout. The crab then scuttled safely away, "leaving one tiny pincer raised above the mud as a sign of victory before disappearing completely," Caters News Agency wrote.

Lanoue, who was shooting in Huntington Beach State Park near Murrells Inlet when he captured the David-vs.-Goliath moment, told Caters that "the defeated alligator was severely annoyed and slowly slunk off back into the water."

See ya later, alligator.