10/06/2014 04:06 pm ET Updated Oct 06, 2014

What Do Global Warming And Sweaters Have In Common? This Climate Scientist Explains.

Climate scientist Adam Levy got sick of hearing all the usual arguments against the existence of climate change, so he decided to fight back with a clever and easy to understand YouTube channel.

His latest video explains global warming using a sweater analogy. "We've known for over a hundred years that the carbon dioxide that exists naturally in the earth's atmosphere helps trap heat to keep the world warm, just like a sweater in winter." By adding more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, Levy explains, we're adding more hot clothes.

"When a sweater's making you hot, you can just take it off," Levy says. "Unfortunately for us, carbon dioxide doesn't work like that. Once it's in the atmosphere, it sticks around for hundreds of years, so if you want to stop the world getting warmer, we need to stop too much carbon dioxide getting in to the atmosphere in the first place."

Levy, who calls himself "Climate Adam," also provides links to serious scientific sources to back up his playful movies. In between making videos and responding to questions on Twitter, Levy somehow finds time to pursue his doctorate in atmospheric physics at Oxford University.

Check out his first video on sea level rise and gin and tonics here.



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