10/06/2014 11:21 am ET Updated Oct 06, 2014

Comedians Send Powerful Message Against Sexual Harassment In India

A group of comedians in India has sent a powerful message about the harassment and discrimination many women in the country face.

In its video titled "I'm Not A Woman," East India Comedy criticizes men's attitudes toward women and slams the prevalence of sexual violence in India.

"Being a women in India... it sucks," the comedians say in the video, before issuing an apology on behalf of all men for the dangers many women face in the country. "I apologize for the statistics in India. We are the second most unsafe place for women in the world," one comedian says. "Worse than Saudi Arabia," another adds.

Sorabh Pant, one of the comedians at East Indian Comedy, spoke with HuffPost Live's Alyona Minkovski about some of the reactions they've received in this effort to raise awareness.

"The most sort of heartbreaking and also sort of exciting thing for me has been that a lot of women have come up to me and everyone at East India Comedy and basically said that this was waiting to be said for the last decade, and it has been waiting to be said for the last decade," Pant said. "I'm just glad that we finally did it."

While Pant said the situation is getting worse for women in India, he added that "people are coming out and saying this is a problem, rather than before when we almost celebrated it."

Watch the video above to hear more about the "I'm Not A Woman" video.

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