10/06/2014 07:50 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

10 Indisputable Signs You're A Boomer

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There are certain things that define every single generation. Whether it was a political movement, a particularly heinous fashion trend that still haunts you, or a band that changed music as you knew it, there was something. While boomers may be getting older, it's safe to say they lived in one of the greatest times in history, during which they got to see the world as it changed via amazing technologies and medical advances, all while still experiencing the joys of what we'd today consider a 'simple' life.

We asked our Facebook fans about the things their generation -- and only their generation -- can relate to.

You know you're a boomer when:

1. You saw The Beatles live in concert (and quite possibly were one of these fangirls).

You can't understand what the deal is with the garbage music your kids listen to. Justin Bieber? One Direction? Sorry, you'll never compare to George, Ringo, Paul and John.

2. You've used one of these things before.

When you were growing up, there was no concept of a "landline," because, what else was there?

3. You often look around and realize you're the oldest person in the room, even when there are 30 and 40-somethings around.

4. You remember exactly where you were when you heard President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.
cronkite kennedy

For older boomers, this is one of those haunting memories that you remember to this day as if it were only yesterday.

5. Your kids and grandkids raid your closets when they want something "vintage."
bell bottoms

And you definitely don't get why "skinny jeans" and "jeggings" are all the rage.

6. You watched air raid drills countless times in school.

"Duck and cover" used to be as common as "stop, drop and roll."

7. You still think music sounds best playing on a vinyl record.
vinyl record

iPods, schmipods.

8. You know the joys of skating on steel roller skates.
roller skates

Kids nowadays have it easy with their lightweight, ergonomic roller blades. You don't know pain till you've actually skated on steel skates.

9. You haven't been carded since Clinton was in office.
alcohol id sign

Now you just get called ma'am.

10. You cant remember your friends' natural hair colors, let alone your own.



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