10/06/2014 08:21 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Twin WWII Pilots Celebrate 92nd Birthdays With Bird's Eye View

These nonagenarians know how to celebrate in style.

Twin brothers Dewey and Earl Robertson of Roanoke, Virginia, shared their passion for flight as well careers as Army Air Corps pilots during World War II. So it was only right for them to spend their 92nd birthdays together as well -- and do so in the sky.

Earl's son David Robertson surprised the brothers with the news of their upcoming flight on Monday. While they spent 60 years piloting planes, they had not flown for the last decade, and the thought of one more ride was all they could talk about, reported ABC13 News.

"I never thought this would happen again," Earl Robertson told The Roanoke Times.

The brothers took flight as passengers this time around, taking in the view of Swiss Mountain Lake with friend and retired Naval captain Lee Anthony guiding the Mooney aircraft, reported WSLS10.

As the twins returned to the ground, they continued reliving their favorite memories that inspired their careers in the first place.

"I flew around the North Pole," Earl Robertson told ABC13 News about his service in Alaska. "It was 65 below zero the one time I was up there." His brother Dewey was stationed in Alabama during that time.

The flight may have only lasted 40 minutes, but that's all the Robertson brothers needed to make a lasting memory.

"It was the most pleasant flight," told Earl Robertson ABC13 News. "I did something I never thought I'd do again."

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