10/06/2014 09:17 am ET Updated Oct 06, 2014

Yes, 'Gone Girl' Has A Woman Problem


We will be discussing Gone Girl plot and twists. If you’ve read the book, you’re fine. If you haven’t and plan on seeing the movie unsullied, you might want to save this essay and read it afterwards.

In 2013, the author Gillian Flynn did an interview with The Guardian in which she was asked to explain why her books — consistently filled with nightmarish women — aren't hateful. This is a charge that gets thrown at Flynn a lot, particularly when discussing her third novel, Gone Girl — a story about a married woman who disappears, except (again: major spoilers from here on out) that, in actuality, she faked her own disappearance in order to punish her philandering, ungrateful husband. There are those who thought the book was misogynistic, in part because it could be seen to undermine the realities of domestic and sexual abuse, but also because Amy is a real grade-A bitch. Horrible. A truly legendary piece of work.

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