10/07/2014 05:11 pm ET Updated Oct 07, 2014

Woman Hid Heroin, Oxycodone Under Butt Prosthesis, Cops Say

Her booty was bogus, but the drugs were real, cops say.

A Massachusetts woman is accused of hiding heroin and Oxycodone under a prosthetic butt to fool police, according to reports.

Jill Roy, 33, was arrested last month on a traffic stop in Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts, when a bag of drugs fell from her pantleg. Police say they later discovered a stash of 13 Oxycodone pills and a bag containing $350 of heroin during booking.

Roy reportedly told cops she wore the derriere enhancement and extra underwear because, "I don't have a butt." However, she finally had to reveal the narcotics stashed beneath.

WTFark! gets to the bottom of this tale about a woman who tried to put her troubles behind her -- and found trouble instead.