10/07/2014 11:28 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Lazarus The Pup Escaped Euthanasia Attempt, Found Loving Foster Home

Now here's one lucky dog.

Lazarus, a 4-year-old mixed-breed pup in Helena, Alabama, defied incredible odds to be where he is today. After surviving a life-threatening car accident and contracting a severe case of heart worms, he was taken to the Ozark City Animal Shelter as a stray, reported the Associated Press.

They planned to euthanize Lazaraus, and injected him with the proper dose of lethal chemicals for his body weight. But miraculously he was still alive the following day when shelter employees returned to work and found him.

"This for the most part is a fluke," Bobby Blankenship from the Ozark Police Department told the Associated Press in the video above.

Soon thereafter Lazarus was taken in by the people at Two by Two Animal Shelter, where he was given his name reminiscent of the biblical character who was said to have been brought back to life by Jesus.

"You know, Lazarus died and then three days later was raised from the dead, and I thought, 'Boy, that's too appropriate,'" Sonya King from Two by Two Animal Rescue told the Associated Press.

Jane Holston met Lazarus for the first time at the shelter and fell in love with him instantly. Electing to become his foster parent was far from a tough decision. He now lives with her, her family and a fellow rescued dog outside of Birmingham.

Lazarus isn't the only resilient rescue with an incredible story and legacy to follow.

Three years ago, a black and white stray cat in Utah survived two separate euthanasia attempts before an animal shelter employee stepped up and helped save her life. The employee heard meowing coming from the freezer space where the cat's body was being stored after her second time in the gas chamber.

While the kitty was clearly sick from the treatment, her affectionate purring led the employee to give her to the Community Animal Welfare Society. As she recovered, the organization hoped to make her a "spokescat" against the gas chambers that were used to try and end her life, WPTV reported.

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