10/07/2014 03:39 am ET Updated Oct 07, 2014

Rally Car Crashes, Flips Over Next To Spectators During Race In Italy

A rally car crashed next to a group of spectators during a race in Italy over the weekend. The vehicle then flipped over and came within inches of hitting several people.

Amazingly, no one was seriously injured.

Video of the incident shows the Renault Clio driven by Pietro Scavone and co-pilot Diego D’Herin taking a turn too fast and losing control at the Jolly Rally in Valle d’Aosta, Italy, on Sunday, according to Metro.

Several spectators ran away as the car flipped over and nearly slammed into several others who had been sitting near the road and barely had time to react.

ANSA, the Italian news agency, reports that a young girl was taken to a hospital and treated for shock.

"The pilot and co-pilot are well," race organizer Maurizio Willow was quoted as saying.

(h/t NY Daily News)



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