10/08/2014 03:00 pm ET Updated Oct 09, 2014

Google Street View Uses A Camel To Give Us The Ultimate View Of The Liwa Desert

Google Street View has given us many cool ways to travel -- whether it involves traveling through time, taking trips in 4-D, or picking out the prettiest route for our chosen destination.

While we've occasionally seen the way Google Maps gives us these gifts (usually with tiny Google cars armed with a camera) Google just used the weirdest way to map out the Liwa Desert... with a camel and a camera, of course.

In the Google Arabia video above, viewers are treated to the spectacle of a camel wearing a camera and his travel companion traversing the hills of sand. But thanks to that handy "camel cam," you can now view nearly the entire desert here, from the comfort of your seat.

And don't worry, Google took complete advantage of the Wednesday "Hump Day" coincidence with this tweet:


Google ストリートビューに写り込んだアレ