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'The League,' Season 6, Episode 6 Recap: Breast Awareness Month


Sliding into this episode, Kevin pays his urologist a check-up visit to discuss his past low testosterone issue and how the Andro-lube has been treating him. Things get real awkward when the doctor starts fondling Kevin to make sure everything is a-okay downstairs and he mentions his boyfriend. Flustered, Kevin starts spitting out nonsense and basically comes off as a huge homophobe. Where's Ruxin to call Kevin out for his crap when you need him?

urologist kevin

At their usual bar spot, Kevin airs his frustrations about saying the (very) wrong things to his doc to his friends and Jenny. They don't see an issue with having a gay doctor but before the conversation can take on any sort of seriousness, Andre arrives donning head to toe pink. He looks like one of those creepy as f*ck emcees that work at sweet sixteens and spends the night sneaking sips from a flask that's hidden in a blow-up microphone. Andre alleges the outfit is for Breast Cancer Awareness month but the gang's not buyin' it.

Pete runs into a coworker at the bar, who is a babe. Kudos to Mark Duplass for continually getting the writers to let him fake-date hot chicks for SIX SEASONS STRAIGHT. Contrived or not, homeboy has game. His friends, however, don't seem to share the same enthusiasm about this new lady. This one is Asian, as was his last fling Rosette, and starting something with her would indicate that he has an "Asian thing." I'd lie and say I wasn't thinking that before they all said it but, hey, who would that be helping? I'm just here to tell it like it is. Pete, you have an "Asian thing," friend.

Jenny is inexplicably wearing a pink bandana on her head in the next scene and before she even says anything, I already know where this is going to go. It's official: 'The League' has absolutely no boundaries. Anyway, Ellie forces Jenny into buying a Breast Cancer ribbon and after some snarky mother-daughter banter, the two go get fro-yo. Jenny, still wearing the bandana, inspires empathy in the entire yogurt shop because they think she's fighting breast cancer and scores a line cut, free yogurt, and uplifting sentiments. The whole scene is equal parts funny and screwed up, particularly the latter when a little girl goes up to Ellie and tells her that her own mother died of breast cancer. The look of fear on Ellie's face as she looks over at Jenny is seriously toeing that line of "wait... they went there?!"

jenny bandana

Back at Kevin and Jenny's house, Kevin proves to be the voice of reason and calls Jenny out for looking like a cancer patient. He then tries to get Jenny to check his balls because "there's something really wrong down there," and she refuses. Can't say I blame her after Kevin called her out but I guess when you're married you're supposed to do those sort of things regardless. I'll let you guys the validity of that when/if I ever get married.

Later, bar talk ebbs and flows from the topic of Kevin's balls to Andre's singledom to Jenny's anger towards how much awareness for breast cancer is happening. Taco interjects and talks about the need for a "Breast Awareness" month because, "it's time for the Golden Age of the Breast." After giving Kevin some Mardi Gras beads, though no one has flashed anyone, Pete keeps the conversation moving and mentions how his boss called him out for his "Asian thing." The gang tells him he needs a buffer in between his two Asian ladies and he's aggressive about getting that buffer situation out of the way. At Pete's office, he snags his coworker Shawna for a happy hour date. She's incredibly awkward and sort of looks like Sarah Silverman in a weird way but, most importantly, she's not Asian! Buffer success!

Ellie's school is having a breast cancer awareness-themed bake sale and Jenny shows her indifference by not baking anything. Taco crashes the event with his "Breast Awareness" posters, "sponsor-a-breast" program, and creepy factoids. A fellow mom named Cheryl, who is the epitome of a Stepford wife, approaches Kevin ands calls him out for his and Jenny's lack of baked goods. Jenny, thinking quickly, throws a bandana over her head and assumes the breast cancer patient look that did her so well in the yogurt shop. She joins the conversation with Cheryl and provokes immediate concern from not only Cheryl but also Ellie. Cheryl introduces the McArthur clan to Pam, a mom with actual breast cancer, who invites Kevin and Jenny to a breast cancer support group. They go, despite knowing that they're terrible people, and a hot mess of madness ensues... as always. Jenny flashes everyone, Taco talks about buttermilk titties, and Kevin tries to steal some thunder for himself.

Pete and Shawna go to happy hour and partake in a serious amount of buffalo wings, selfies, and creepy PDA. In an effort to establish his buffer relationship as quickly as possible, Pete sends photos of him and his new lady to the digital stratosphere. Everything seems like rays of sunshine and rainbows until Shawna tells Pete it's just not going to work out the following day. Pleased that his buffer relationship is over, Pete goes to claim his second Asian prize and is thwarted by Tyree. Apparently this coworker has a "black thing" and, well, Tyree is black. Sorry Pete, you'll just never be a beautiful chocolate man.

Kevin's still overly worried about his testicles so he recruits Dr. Andre to check them out because he's trying to avoid his urologist. Andre makes the whole situation uncomfortable, forcing Kevin to go back to his original doctor. Kevin's doctor is not enthused to see him but agrees to examine Kevin regardless. There's a lot of talk about balls and being sexually confused and Jenny's boyish figure. The doctor leaves the room after telling Kevin that it would never work out between them and Kevin's balls go unchecked. We may never know what's wrong with them. Sigh.


  • Andre's pink cardigan.

  • "Did you "bling ring" Elton John's house?"

  • "I can't, I'm on homophobe probation."

  • "I'm into horsey-faced women."

  • Salami vice.

  • "1 in 3 nipples goes to bed un-fondled."

  • "Love the bandanas. I'm also a Guns N Roses fan."

  • "This is a beautiful wonderland that he loves exploring."

  • Jenny's "boyishly athletic figure."

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