10/09/2014 03:16 pm ET Updated Oct 09, 2014

Classic 'Batman' Adam West Picks Ben Affleck As His Favorite Successor

While millennials may recognize Adam West's voice as Quahog's mayor in "Family Guy," the actor's true place in history is as Batman, the role he pioneered for the iconic film and TV franchise.

West played Batman in the original TV series, which ran for three seasons from 1966 to 1968. He also played the title role in the 1966 film, "Batman." West stopped by HuffPost Live on Thursday to chat about his career since and the upcoming DVD release of "Batman: The Complete Series."

West told host Ricky Camilleri that he has appreciated all of his successors to the Batcave but, for the sake of support, said his favorite is Ben Affleck. Affleck is set to star in the upcoming "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice."

"You know, I've never really thought about that," West said. "Right now, to be encouraging, I'd have to say Ben Affleck. 'Gone Girl' is a wonderful picture and he directed 'Argo' was great. I'm curious to see what he does. So that would be my favorite."

The franchise was widely considered to have gone through a downturn in the '90s, resuscitated by the Christian Bale-led trilogy of recent years.

"[Bale]'s a wonderful actor," West said. "Let's face it: they're all very good in their own ways. To me, it's a nice thing to see the different interpretations."

Watch the rest of the clip above, and catch the full HuffPost Live conversation here.

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