10/09/2014 01:47 pm ET Updated Oct 09, 2014

10 Significant Others Who Really Know How To Make A Bad Day Better

One important quality in a good partner is the uncanny ability to turn a truly awful day into a not-so-bad one.

Below are 10 all-star boyfriends, girlfriends and spouses who are doing a bang up job at the whole relationship thing.

1. "So I told my wife I had had a bad day. Came home to this..."

Bustin' a styrofoam cap is a great way to de-stress.
via roysta/Imgur

2. "I was having a bad day so my girlfriend drew this for me."

Holy romance, Batman!
via ChaplnGrillSgt/Imgur

3. "I was having a bad day. Come home from work to this. My girlfriend is amazing."

In case you're having trouble reading this adorableness: "Please enjoy your beer. I hope work went well and I very much look forward to cuddling with you tonight."
via IAm_ThePumpkinKing/Imgur

4. "Pregnant girlfriend was having a bad day. So I gave her some pickles."

We just can't "dill" with how sweet this is.
via thinmints/Imgur

5. "So my wife had a bad day today..."
A home-cooked candlelit dinner for two? ** Melts **
via timbe3/Imgur

6. "Had a bad day, boyfriend ordered me a pizza for delivery and told them to write a dirty joke on the box. Did not disappoint."

Not our kind of humor, but a thoughtful gesture nonetheless.
via hjspeer/Imgur

7. "My boyfriend had a bad day yesterday, so I put this on his desk before I left for work today."

Nerd love and a Carly Rae Jepsen reference? Be still our hearts!
via Phasmius/Imgur

8. "Had a bad day, boyfriend drew a picture to make me feel better. It worked."

Cute cartoons are a guaranteed mood booster (click on the image to see a larger version).
via jawbreakErica/Imgur

9. "My boyfriend looks like a sloth and I was having a bad day, so he did this. Thanks, buddy."

You can't look at this and not at least smile, right? Well played, boyfriend. Well played.
via 400foxes/Imgur

10. "Get home at midnight after a long shift at work and find my girlfriend asleep with this note. She's definitely a keeper."

Girlfriend level: Expert.
via reddmanz/Imgur

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