10/09/2014 10:33 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

This Child Smells Like Beef And Needs You To Know (VIDEO)

"You're so cute I could eat you up" might take on a very literal meaning when you also smell like beef.

Mother Katie Ryan shared the experience of her daughter, Ava, telling the world she smells like beef in a video originally uploaded to Vine.

As a majestic setting sun turns the sky into a haze of soft purple, Ava can be seen staring into the great beyond when everything suddenly connects with her. It's as if the universe was split open and Ava understands a cosmic wisdom that us mere mortals can not comprehend.

Then she shares her newfound insight with the world: "I smell like beef."

She says it a few times, first in soft whispers, as if letting the words settle over her. But soon she is sure -- positive even -- that she smells like beef, shouting out to the heavens "I SMELL LIKE BEEF!"

Don't we all, Ava?

Those aren't the only words of wisdom this little one has. Preach it, sister:

H/T Reddit

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