10/09/2014 06:07 pm ET Updated Oct 09, 2014

Government Assistance Has Benefitted White Men More Than Anybody

Image Source via Getty Images

Last week, a new crop of political ads produced by the College Republican National Committee appeared on television. They featured an imagined female voter, “Brittany,” as a participant on TLC’s reality show “Say Yes to the Dress.” Brittany tries on wedding frocks named for gubernatorial candidates, improbably kvelling “The Rick Scott is perfect” in reference to Florida’s incumbent Republican, over the objections of her fusty mother, a fan of the less-stylish Charlie Crist gown. The College Republicans made identical versions of the ads in six states, which would seem to make Brittany either a polygamist or chronic runaway bride, perhaps not the image Republicans were shooting for.

The spots were—as a stodgy mother-of-the-bride might say—a total hoot! In this age of plunging marriage rates and rising marriage ages, this vision of 20-something-female voters as veil-hounds only reaffirmed how out of touch even the youngest arm of the Republican Party is.

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