10/10/2014 05:14 pm ET Updated Oct 10, 2014

An Unnatural Birth: In Praise Of The Caesarean Section

Steve Debenport via Getty Images

I'm sitting, exhausted, in a tiny circle of new mommies, almost all of us first-timers, with our two-month-old babies in our laps. Some of the babies are sleeping, some are awake. For most of us, I assume, it was a struggle to even get here, to this meetup. It certainly was for me. The mommies are trading birthing stories, everything still fresh enough in our minds that we need to spill the details. Hours of labor, some easier than others, are logged and added up. Some women made it through without any pain medication, some ended up needing a bit of help. One woman gave birth in her apartment, a beautiful experience the way she tells it. All of the babies were born, all were well: healthy and fat and sitting in this circle, including mine.

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