10/10/2014 06:26 pm ET Updated Oct 13, 2014

Watch What Happens When You Shove A French Horn At 'Meet The Press' Host Chuck Todd

Think fast!

Chuck Todd is usually the one asking the tough questions, but a few of his colleagues turned the table on the "Meet The Press" host during his visit to Chicago's NBC affiliate station earlier this week.

"We rented this for the day -- very clean mouthpiece," Chicago Sun-Times political columnist and NBC Chicago contributor Carol Marin said, handing Todd a French horn.

Todd's response: "Oh, good lord."

Though he rose to fame as a journalist, Todd attended George Washington University in D.C. on a French horn scholarship.

We don't know if Todd is contractually obligated to do so, but he ended his brief solo by playing a familiar G-E-C sequence -- otherwise known as the "NBC chimes."

Before dusting off his musical skills, Todd also speculated that the Islamic State would dominate the focus of the rest of Obama's presidency and that Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel would be unlikely to run for president.



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