10/10/2014 02:45 pm ET Updated Oct 10, 2014

This Is What Happens When A TV Show Helps Plan A Regular Dude's Proposal

At this point we've seen a lot of musical marriage proposals: touching renditions from "Rent," flash mobs, and of course, a million dance numbers (that number may be a bit exaggerated).

But the video above still made us smile, as if it was our first time seeing something like it.

NBC's new sitcom "Marry Me" recently helped Bret propose to his girlfriend Jovan outside a cafe in L.A. with an over-the-top but totally awesome spectacle which included pro dancers, ballerinas, and a slew of cameramen. Not to mention, Bret's adorable entrance, which was reminiscent of "Top Gun."

Even sweeter, according to E! News, Bret (and NBC) flew out all the friends and family Jovan hadn't seen since moving to L.A. from Chicago to be with her boo. Her joy upon seeing them for the first time? Well, it's priceless.

Watch the video posted to YouTube above -- it's seriously worth it. (Plus, it includes the super catchy song "Geronimo" by Australian band Sheppard.) Now commence smiling in 3 ... 2 ... 1... go.

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