Yes He Can! Obama's Impersonator Shows You A Glimpse Of His Life

Louis Ortiz has created a full-time career out of having a strikingly similar appearance to the commander-in-chief. Yet life as President Barack Obama’s impersonator doesn’t involve traveling to campaign fundraisers or teeing off at golf courses. There’s no private chef, no Michelle, no Bo.

Ortiz calls himself “the lightning rod” for information -- when there’s big news going on, everyone comes to him.

During an interview with HuffPost Live Ortiz joked, “They want me to take care of ISIS, they want me to take care of the Ebola, you know the economy, it’s a tough job.”

Although Ortiz says it's difficult for him "to get from point A to point B," being an impersonator has its perks. Ortiz has been in rap videos, has performed for the Dalai Lama and was a fixture at Inauguration 2013.

Since late 2007, Ortiz started to be recognized almost everywhere he went. This attention has spawned the new Showtime documentary "Bronx Obama," airing Oct. 30. The film showcases Ortiz’s highs and lows of going from an unemployed blue-collar worker to a political figure lookalike.

“As far as his popularity, when things get tough for Obama, things get a little tough for me. … Not only financially but, you know, just walking down the street," Ortiz said. "I gotta hear all the crap that’s being talked about on the news. I gotta hear it all.”

Watch Ortiz talk more about being an impersonator above.



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