10/10/2014 11:19 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Dr. Michael Beckwith's Advice On How To Rise Above A Negative Co-Worker (VIDEO)

We all know someone who can seemingly suck the energy out of the room with their bad attitude. For months, 27-year-old Katie says she's been consumed with stress and anxiety because of her co-worker's negativity. Though she says she feels fortunate to have a job, she's thinking about quitting because of the unhealthy work environment.

"How do you prevent other people's energy from affecting you so much?" Katie asks in the above video. "Because I can feel when there's toxic energy around. If somebody's angry or stressed out, I take that on."

She sits down with Dr. Michael Beckwith, best-selling author and New Thought minister, who is in Long Beach, California for OWN's new series "Help Desk." He begins by addressing Katie's first issue: Should she quit her job?

"If this job is over for you, that means there's something else waiting for you," Beckwith says. "That means your gift and your talents and your skills are going to be used somewhere else, so you have to begin to ask a question."

The universe will answer any question you ask, Beckwith says. "So what you want to begin to ask is, 'What's trying to emerge from me? What gift is trying to be given through me?' Or, 'What's my next step?' You can write those questions down before you go to sleep, and you'll start to be guided as to what your next step is."

Next, he gives Katie advice on how to stop her co-worker's negativity from affecting her. "One, you become uninterested in it," Beckwith says."You are not interested in what other people are thinking about you, you're only interested in what the universe is thinking about you... that you are a beautiful expression of infinite possibility."

Instead of being interested in her co-worker's negativity, Beckwith encourages Katie to start giving off her own positive vibration. "So whenever you see negative energy or feel negative energy, you're going to share love, you're going to give peace from yourself that's going to lift your frequency so high, you become impervious," he says. "You won't be touched by the lower vibration."

"Help Desk" with Dr. Michael Beckwith airs Sunday, October 12 at noon ET on OWN.

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