10/10/2014 09:31 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

World's Greatest Genius Creates Gun That Folds And Shoots Paper Airplanes

Anyone who has lived through the fourth grade knows that humans just don't make paper airplanes fast enough to achieve maximum mischief making. That is, until now.

A highly enterprising individual has fashioned something most 10-year-olds would drool over: a gun that automatically creates and deploys paper airplanes. Behold:

The original video was uploaded to YouTube by Papierfliegerei last January, but a recent Reddit post has brought the fantastical device the attention it truly deserves. A description of the video gives a little insight into how it was made:

A little tinkering from me that shows what you can do with 3D printers today. Most parts of this paper airplane machine gun had printed by (the rest of them are to buy via Internet or hardware store).

Let's just hope this thing goes into mass production soon.