10/10/2014 03:11 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Things Get Meta After Woman Spends Too Long Snapping Selfies

Finding your angle is crucial to taking quality photographs. Spend more than a minute trying to get the right selfie, though, and the only thing you'll be communicating through your picture is how much of a self-centered boob you are.

Didn't stop this lady, though. She posed in front of her phone so long that another woman decided she had to take a video of it.


"Seriously, this chick has been doing this for so long, I was able to grab my phone, take a couple of pictures, and now this video of this ridiculousness," she says.

The video-taker kind of loses it when the woman with the phone bends over and appears to snap a photo of her butt. We're kind of losing it that she lost it over something so silly, as we watch the video that she made of herself wasting a minute of her life watching someone take photos of herself. So yeah, meta.

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