10/11/2014 09:53 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Professional Organizer Beth Zeigler's 3 Quick Ways To Organize Your Kitchen

Do things constantly seem to go missing in your kitchen? You swore you bought paprika last month… and where's that Tupperware lid when you need it? Beth Zeigler, professional organizer and founder of the organizing service Bneato Bar, says there's a reason our kitchen cabinets get so messy.

"You can't see what's in there," Zeigler explains. "Things get hidden behind other things, and if you're not using containers to keep it all together, they just get lost."

In the above #OWNSHOW video, she goes over three areas of the kitchen where you can quickly get cleaned up.

1. Maximize Your Pantry
When Zeigler organizes a kitchen pantry, she creates extra storage space by using shelf risers and pull-out drawers. "Also, a lazy Susan – you usually see those on the dining room table, but I will put those in a cabinet and it really makes the space useable."

2. Stop Drowning in Tupperware
First, make sure all of your lids have a matching container -- if not, get rid of them. "And then I really like to use clear wall pockets that you can find at any office supply store," Zeigler says. "You can attach those to the inside of the cabinet so you when open the cabinet, all of your lids are right here."

3. Clean Out the Junk Drawer
Consider this: Do you really need that junk drawer? "I actually prefer to not have a junk drawer," Zeigler says. "I think the drawers in the kitchen are prime real estate for things like spices and just everyday essentials.

Instead, Zeigler recommends buying a magnetized container to hang on the refrigerator that can hold pens, scissors, pens, a tape measurer -- whatever you frequently use. "That way you're not utilizing the junk drawer and that can be used for things that you really need."

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