10/13/2014 09:15 am ET Updated Oct 13, 2014

2nd-Graders Eat At 2-Star Michelin Restaurant, Would Probably Prefer Mac And Cheese

The New York Times recently decided to treat six second-graders to a multi-course tasting menu at famed two-star Michelin restaurant Daniel.

“The basic goal today for the children,” said the New York City restaurant's head chef, Daniel Boulud, is “to really discover a lot of flavor, a lot of layers, a lot of texture” and to “experience something maybe very unique for them.”

Unique, it certainly was, but the elaborate seven-course meal — which goes for $220 per person — didn’t perhaps always go quite as planned.

“Ooh, this is strange,” declared one of the children during the second course, as she eyed a mound of caviar which she described as “disgusting.”

The same girl later insisted that her pasta dish tasted like soap. “Why am I eating soap right now?” she asked.

Though the kids did unanimously enjoy some of the dishes they were served (the Wagyu beef was a big hit), the children didn’t mince their words when the chef came around to see whether or not they enjoyed their meal.

The kids told Boulud they found his pasta unappetizing, to which the renowned chef quipped: “Well, next time we'll do macaroni and cheese.”

The suggestion got the biggest cheer of the night.

“This is adorable!” declared one YouTuber Saturday after watching the clip, while another called the children’s curiosity and their “extreme honesty” a “perfect combination.”



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