10/13/2014 02:54 pm ET

Wendy Davis Stands By Controversial Ad, Calls GOP Rival A Hypocrite

Texas governor candidate Wendy Davis (D) stood by her controversial campaign ad attacking her opponent, calling Texas Lt. Gov. Greg Abbott (R) a hypocrite at a Monday event.

The ad, released Friday, attacks Abbott for opposing litigation on behalf of disabled victims. In 2002, Abbott, who is partially paralyzed, successfully sued for, and won, a large reward due to the accident that led to his paralysis. The ad was criticized as "ridiculous" by a spokesman for the Republican National Committee, and Abbott's campaign said it showed a "disturbing lack of judgment."

Davis appeared on stage with several people in wheelchairs during a press conference on Monday, at which she doubled down on the ad's message:

According to The Houston Chronicle, Davis hit Abbott for "denying to others the very same justice he both deserved and received" at the event.

“This ad is about one thing and one thing only. It’s about Greg Abbott’s hypocrisy,” Davis said.

Abbott spokesman Matt Hirsch told the Houston Chronicle that Davis' continued commitment to the add "is shameful." Abbott himself responded to the ad on Friday, calling it "offensive" but noting he didn't believe "it's going to sell too well."



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