10/14/2014 01:34 pm ET

10 Things Working Moms Don't Want To Hear

I really don’t like to pay attention to “mommy wars.” I know the truth: Motherhood is hard, whether you work outside the home or inside the home.

While I’m what you call a “working mom” (term I don’t like to use because I firmly believe ALL moms are working moms) I respect moms who have chosen to stay out of the workforce to care for their children.

But it really pisses me off when people judge me because I work in an office and I am not with my child 24/7. You know what’s worse than people passing judgment? MOTHERS passing judgment. Because if a person that doesn’t have kids tells me something, I can probably laugh it off or think to myself… “She has no idea.” But a mom?! Whatever happened to the village? Shouldn’t we all be in an Illuminati-like mom society protecting our secrets and sharing our magic potions?

So I’ve come up with a list of things that working moms DON’T want or need to hear… Because really, the stuff I’ve heard has reached a new level of ridiculousness. So read this and file it in your “never to be repeated” cabinet.

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