10/14/2014 11:45 am ET

Texas High School's Super Sneaky Onside Kick Works Like A Charm

Never trust an onside kick.

Especially not when playing Hebron High School in Carrollton, Texas, where mischievous coaching staff dreamed up this sneaky maneuver.

Just prior to the onside kick last Friday, Hebron player Kaleb Sauter slowly moved toward the edge of the field, where he blended in with his teammates on the sideline. At the kick, all Sauter had to do was run forward ten yards and pluck the ball from the air, which he did beautifully, catching opposing players completely off guard.

MaxPreps reports Hebron ultimately lost to their opponent, Allen High School, by a score of 44-10.

But they definitely won the Internet, which is almost just as nice.

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