10/15/2014 10:48 am ET Updated Oct 17, 2014

Rugby Player Forgives Vicious Attack That He Cannot Remember

For someone on the receiving end of a vicious on-field attack, rugby league player Lance Hohaia seems to be one understanding fellow.

During the Super League Grand Final in Manchester, England, on Saturday, Wigan's Ben Flower floored St. Helens' Hohaia with a punch. Then Flower blasted Hohaia in the face again as he lay defenseless on the ground. Flower was ejected and Hohaia didn't return to the game.

But all appears to be forgiven.

"I don't hold any grudges against Ben," Hohaia told the BBC. "In the heat of the moment, people do some things they regret. I've done some silly things on the field myself. He's probably disappointed in himself for not being able to play a part in the game as well."

Authorities aren't being so magnanimous. Flower, who has formally apologized, has been banned from league play for for six months, the Guardian reported.

According to the Independent, the Greater Manchester Police was also looking into the incident.

Hohaia was suspended one game for a forearm strike that precipitated the attack.

The Times reported that Hohaia cannot remember what happened.

St. Helens won the match, 14-6.

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Clarification: A previous version of this story referred to Lance Hohaia as a rugby player. To avoid confusion, we now specifically refer to him as a rugby league player.