10/16/2014 04:15 pm ET Updated Oct 16, 2014

If You Cover Egg Freezing, You Better Cover Day Care

Design Pics/Steve Nagy via Getty Images

Facebook and Apple will be the first major employers to offer employees egg-freezing coverage for nonmedical reasons, NBC News reports. At $10,000 per round of egg harvesting, plus $500 to $800 annual storage fees, egg freezing is a much more generous perk than the sushi and yoga and nap rooms famously offered by their competitors, but it comes from a similar motive. Ponying up for egg freezing suggests that Facebook and Apple view childbearing (like exercise and food and sleep) as a biological imperative that interrupts an employee’s total and complete devotion to the company. It’s a distraction that can be best mitigated by meeting the needs in-house, for free. But egg freezing doesn’t solve work-life balance issues facing parents. It just allows, and perhaps encourages, women to postpone them.

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