10/18/2014 08:42 am ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

'True Trans' Episode Two Premieres On AOL

What exactly is gender dysphoria?

In this second episode for AOL's docuseries "True Trans" with Against Me!'s Laura Jane Grace, the singer explores this feeling of disassociation with a number of gender variant individuals from across the country.

When it comes to transgender issues, our language often fails to adequately describe many of the experiences and feelings of people who identify across the transgender spectrum. This latest episode of "True Trans" aims to articulate what exactly someone feels when they are experiencing gender dysphoria.

"I would explain it as a feeling of misalignment between the way you feel and the way other people perceive you," Grace says in the above episode. "[It's a] feeling that your gender does not line up with your assigned gender at birth. When you're too young to know what it is it turns into shame."

Check out the second episode of "True Trans" with Laura Jane Grace above or head here to watch the first. Keep checking back each weekend for a new episode.



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