10/20/2014 02:10 pm ET Updated Oct 20, 2014

'Marcel The Shell With Shoes On' Is Back, And He's Got Allergies

After almost three years, Marcel the Shell is back with a new episode!

Marcel, who starred in the popular "Marcel the Shell With Shoes On" videos, is the littlest shell you ever did see, with some of the cutest, tiniest problems you ever did hear. Though Marcel hasn't had a new YouTube video in a while, director Dean Fleischer-Camp and comedian Jenny Slate, who voices Marcel, have just released a new episode -- and it's chock-full of Marcel cuteness.

"Sometimes when I get stressed out, my shells feels tight," says Marcel in the new episode (posted to YouTube on Oct. 20) before sneezing himself off a fence.

The teeny Marcel has become one gigantic sensation. Previous episodes received millions of views on YouTube, and Slate and Fleischer-Camp even wrote a Marcel book.

What more could a talking shell with one eye hope to accomplish?



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