10/20/2014 11:43 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

A Wake-Up Call For A Pregnant Woman In A Troubled Relationship (VIDEO)

Beth thought her live-in boyfriend, Patrick, was her Prince Charming, but now she claims he’s a liar, cheater, alcoholic and narcissist who verbally abuses her daily. Patrick admits he has said hurtful things in anger but insists he has nothing to hide and should be trusted.

Dr. Phil tells Beth she needs to stop playing the victim and own her choices. “This just sounds like a pity party and you’re the guest of honor,” he says. “How about you kick his ass to the curb? And if he wants to be in your life, then he earns his way into your life.”

Dr. Phil weighs in on the future of Beth and Patrick’s relationship on his show on Monday. Check here for local listings.

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