Scott Foley Had To Google 'Eiffel Tower' After Reading The Script For Last Week's 'Scandal'

Things have been getting pretty steamy on "Scandal" lately, starting with this season's premiere, when Jake Ballard got a little, um, handsy with Olivia Pope on the beach.

So when "Scandal" star Scott Foley stopped by HuffPost Live on Monday, host Alyona Minkovski couldn't let him go without asking about all the action Jake's been getting.

"We didn't think too much about it when we shot it, but looking at it now and hearing you say it, I feel like I'm back in high school and talking to my parents about heavy petting," Foley said of that saucy beach scene.

Foley also weighed in on last week's episode, which tackled the sexual position known as "Eiffel towering." It turns out that storyline was a teachable moment for Foley.

"I had to Google what an Eiffel tower was after reading the script," he said. "I knew that it was obviously a sexual act, but I was surprised at the graphic nature of it."

Check out the full HuffPost Live conversation with Scott Foley here.

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