10/22/2014 10:45 am ET Updated Oct 22, 2014

Eric Andre Grosses Out Lauren Conrad In The New Season Of 'The Eric Andre Show'

Fans of Eric Andre know his "talk show" really isn't a talk show at all. That's the joke: doing a ludicrous version of a talk show to make fun of the stereotypical talk show format.

Some of his guests, however, are not in on the joke before they come in. Which can be disconcerting when Andre is slurping spaghetti (like he did with Demi Lovato), wrecking the set or any of his other normal hijinks.

Maybe his biggest gag yet is coming this season, Andre said. The comedian spilled some details on his stomach-turning interview with former reality star Lauren Conrad.

"She's a little bit upset at me. I'm sure she's not a big fan," Andre told host Ricky Camilleri. "I puked during her interview then I ate my puke back up. She left. She was upset."

Andre said he usually tries to chat with his guests afterward to let them know that it's all a joke and that's not actually what he thinks would make a good talk show. Conrad, though, didn't stick around for an explanation.

"She had her sunglasses on and she was ready to leave the building," he said with a laugh.

In past seasons, Andre said he prepped guests before the show started to give a hint of what they were in for. This year, he decided to shirk the practice.

"This season I was just like 'Fuck it, I'm just going to be crazy,'" Andre said.

Watch the rest of the clip above, and catch the full HuffPost Live conversation — including Andre ranting about pizza and wanting to meditate with Arianna Huffington — here.

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