10/24/2014 09:22 am ET Updated Oct 24, 2014

Actually, Greek Yogurt Isn't Your Favorite Kind Of Yogurt. Icelandic Yogurt Is.

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If yogurt is New York's official snack, what is New Yorkers' official favorite yogurt?

We can't speak to the officiating aspect -- that is a job for Governor Cuomo, who indoctrinated the dairy product into the New York snack hall of fame in mid-October. But, in our unofficial blind taste test of 12 plain, nonfat yogurts, we were stunned to discover that Greek yogurt lost out to Icelandic yogurt. Greek was practically a shoe-in: The creamy, tart snack has made incredible strides in the last half-decade. By 2013, it accounted for 44 percent of yogurt sales (where, in 2007, it was merely 1 percent).

But now, Greek may be losing its charm -- could Icelandic yogurt be the new it-girl? The preference of 11 taste-testing HuffPost editors can't speak for the larger population, but it might serve as an indicator for yogurt products to come. Both Siggi's and Skyr brand Icelandic yogurt ranked high in the test, Skyr ultimately taking the win.

Like Greek, Icelandic yogurt is a high-protein, stick-to-the-spoon yogurt with a tang. Besides a bit more thickness and a slightly higher protein content, we can't comprehend much disparity between Greek and Icelandic. Traditionally, Icelandic yogurt is only made with non-fat milk and Greek is made with full fat, but big brands have changed all of that. We recounted the votes, twice -- even three times -- and it's true. Icelandic is triumphant.

Check out the reviews below to see the best and worst tasting nonfat, plain yogurts. Note that we've retired Fage from the running, since it won the plain yogurt taste test back in 2011. Then, tell us in the comments whether you'll be supporting the new yogurt in town.

As always, this taste test is in no way influenced or sponsored by the brands included.

Plain Nonfat Yogurt

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