10/25/2014 12:34 pm ET Updated Oct 27, 2014

This Is What A Cat Dude Looks Like

Earlier this year we gave lady cat lovers a chance to take back the term "cat lady" and share their feline family members. Now it's the guys' turn to show off their pets and prove that women aren't the only ones who love having cats around.

Guys can face just as many stereotypes as the ladies do when it comes to owning cats, but our photos prove that cat lovers aren't limited to any one category. We asked our friends on Twitter and Instagram to share photos of themselves with their cats using the hashtag #CatDudePride. We got tons of submissions of happy cats and their favorite dudes.

Here are a few of our favorite photos. To share your own, post on Twitter or Instagram with #CatDudePride or upload it right to this page using the slideshow tool at the bottom.

catman... with a c

A photo posted by n≡m0 (@infinite_nem0) on

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the bubba's. ❤️

A photo posted by Siobhan O'Keefe (@siobokee) on

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Yes, I will be posting a lot of these. #kitten #podo #kodoandpodo #reading

A photo posted by Michael Botti (@m_botti) on

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#catdudepride @huffpostgreen #purrito

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. Everyone loves Baby O ✨💙👶💙✨

A photo posted by Vanille (@cutevanille) on

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Road trip kitty kiss.

A photo posted by Anthony Frank Lacina V (@aflfive) on

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These two❤️#mcm #mancrusheveryday #catlife

A photo posted by Holly Bentley (@holly_bentley_) on

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One of this life's greatest companions. All 18 years. #cats

A photo posted by Trevor Ellestad (@litteroddity) on

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I'm that cat guy, now. Sorry. Our love is real! #catsofinstagram #kittensofinstagram

A photo posted by Jake Odmark (@jakeodmark) on

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Starting 'em early. #catdudepride #nephew

A photo posted by Sarah Tichenor (@sarahtich33) on

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Our two new family members! We are in for a long night :) They are only 6 weeks old!

A photo posted by Sarah Tichenor (@sarahtich33) on

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Loves being loved #CatDudePride

A photo posted by @jimgreg on

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No dogs allowed. #anyoneseenthecat #nyc

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Modie does NOT like to be smothered. #catsofinstagram #egyptianmau #kittylove #appleofmyeye

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Seriously, ladies.. #willingtocuddleforfood #callme

A photo posted by Eric (@hobbes2485) on

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#slimcharles putting up with me! Barely! Photo by @cleverrrgirl

A photo posted by Andy Heitz (@besound) on

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