10/25/2014 11:23 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

10 Bizarre Ebola 'Products' People Are Actually Trying To Sell On The Internet

Anytime Americans start to panic, you safely assume the opportunistic among us will concoct some creative ways to exploit the fear to their own financial benefit. And when it comes to the most recent Ebola panic, people are getting particularly creative.

And yes, these items are actually being advertised for sale on the Internet.

For example, you can now purchase an "Ebola Personal Protection Suit."

ebola suit

Via Craigslist

Normal masks not doing it for you? This guy has got your back.


Via Craigslist

For added style, try this Cam'ron-themed Ebola mask.


Via Dipset U.S.A.

Turns out one enterprising individual has already discovered an Ebola cure.


Via Craigslist

Nobody wants you to forget about that special someone in your life.

ebola kit

Via Craigslist

Need comfort? Give this Ebola plush doll a squeeze.

ebola doll

squarefootllc via eBay

Leaving an Ebola-infested city just got easier thanks to this "Ebola prepper" kit.

prepper kit

qualitygoodsbestprices via eBay

There's also this novelty "EBOLA" license plate.

ebola license plate

gopguru via eBay

Try lightening the mood with this Andy Warhol-inspired Ebola drawing.

warhol ebola

gmoneymoto via eBay

And of course, some artist created the perfect tribute with this "Laverne & Ebola" painting.


letspainttv via Etsy

And now you know.