10/25/2014 04:00 pm ET

'Nightcrawler' Red Band Trailer Is The Year's Coolest Trailer

The first trailer for "Nightcrawler" gave us a taste of what the Jake Gyllenhaal crime thriller is all about. But the new red band trailer is one of the most awesome trailers we've seen all year.

The film, from writer-director Dan Gilroy, follows Gylenhaal's Louis Bloom, a very driven, goal-oriented guy who stumbles into the world of freelance crime journalism. Bloom gets his first camera and begins filming every graphic crime scene he can find to sell it to a local news network.

The new red brand trailer is as ridiculous as the film itself, showcasing the most ecstatic reviews the film's received so far. For example, Ain't It Cool News called the film "F--king Amazeballs" (and we couldn't agree more). Watch the trailer above, which is set to Kendrick Lamar's "Backseat Freestyle," giving it an adrenaline rush feel of danger on the streets of Los Angeles.

"Nightcrawler" opens on Oct. 31.



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