10/27/2014 05:59 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Dr. Phil: 'I've Been Homeless' (VIDEO)

When Joe, 26, puts a positive spin on being homeless and shacking up with women who he hits on, Dr. Phil doesn’t believe it. “I’ve been homeless,” he reveals.

He tells Joe, “It looks to me like you have a really difficult and depressing existence … You can tell all of these people that it’s a fun, cavalier lifestyle, but I don’t believe it.”

Joe laughs it off, saying, “It sucks in the morning.”

But Dr. Phil isn’t buying it. “I don’t believe it just sucks in the morning. I think it sucks in the afternoon, the evening and at night, and it’s dangerous. And the only reason you don’t know that is because you’re hammered most of the time, right?”

On his show Monday, Dr. Phil addresses Joe’s drinking and warns him of the possible consequences. Check here for local listings.

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