10/27/2014 11:39 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Hawaii Cop Caught Apparently Kicking, Punching Bystanders In GRAPHIC Video

Two Hawaii cops are suspended without pay after video emerged of one of them apparently kicking, punching and slapping two bystanders.

In GRAPHIC video captured on September 5 at a game room in Honolulu, Officer Vince Morre is shown walking in and almost immediately kicking a man who doesn't appear to be talking to or threatening him.

The video, obtained by Hawaii News then shows Morre and officer Nelson Tamayori go into the back of the room.

When they return, after not finding the suspect they are looking for, Morre kicks and punches another bystander who doesn't appear to be resisting.

Then Morre appears to kick the first man, identified as 25-year-old Jordan Topinio, so hard he falls out of his chair and then throws a stool at him.

Video footage of the alleged assault can be seen above.

In a previous story, Hawaii News Now reported that the incident is now under both internal investigation and is also being looked into by the FBI for possible civil rights violations.

"If the FBI steps in to do the investigation it's normally because the act or offense is egregious," Tommy Aiu, a retired federal agent, told the station.

Defense attorney Myles Breiner told the New York Daily News that Topinio had to be hospitalized with head injuries that required stitches.

Both Tamayori and Morre have been suspended without pay pending the internal investigation.

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