10/27/2014 10:04 am ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

'The Disgustings' Short Film Premieres Starring Drew Droege

What's it like to be somebody that hates everybody and everything?

That may be a bit of an exaggeration, but we all at least have parts of ourselves that get easily irritated and fed up with the incompetence of other people. In this hilarious short film called "The Disgustings," starring Drew Droege and written, directed and starring Jordan Firstman, we get a look at two jaded gay men dealing with their day to day lives and the struggle of living in Los Angeles.

We absolutely love this film and chatted with the pair this week about their inspiration, the characters they play and the overall message they're attempting to communicate through "The Disgustings."

The Huffington Post: Why did you decide to make the film?
Jordan Firstman: The film was conceived when I realized that I had access to one of the smartest, funniest, most talented people I've ever met in my life. And I also knew Drew Droege. So that was a great start. No, I'm just joking. Isn't humor wonderful? Really, I had been friends with Drew since I moved to L.A. and we've been in so many situations where we've seen the true definition of garbage people saying and doing horrible things. I think we have a power where we just attract crazy people. So I decided to write about it. And to be honest -- sometimes we were the horrible people. Not all the time, but sometimes. So I wrote it as an homage to the crazies and an apology on behalf of the worst parts of my personality.

Do you think this film speaks to cultural attitudes among some queer people?
There is this weird archetype of gay men who can't see beyond their insecurities but also would never admit that they have insecurities. So when they see anyone who seems to have their shit together, or anyone who shows even the slightest signs of happiness, they just go into attack mode. But also, I don't think of it as a solely gay quality. I see a lot of young people in general who cannot rejoice in the success of others if things aren't going well for them. But that's a bad way to live. So, I'll say it. I AM PROUD OF YOU LENA DUNHAM YOU ARE DOING GREAT.

Do you identify with the character?
Drew Droege: I identify with aspects of him. I think he's genuinely disappointed in people around him -- I completely understand that, especially when I'm at my worst and super exhausted and pulled in a million directions, and I walk into a coffee shop and someone's trying to pay with a check. I find myself screaming, "Oh, why can't you be a better person?" inside my angry head. Or when I overhear people talking about how hashtag blessed they are. It's everything in me not to grab them and shout, "Nothing about you seems blessed!" But I don't. Thank God I get to exorcise my demons through my characters. My character has no awareness or sense of humor about L.A., which is a tragedy to me. Everyone's ridiculous and everyone's doing the best they can. He cannot see that. But yes, the world irritates us in the same way. I just think I'm lucky to be surrounded by wonderful friends and a job that I love -- two things that my character does not possess.

What about the film spoke to you?
Drew Droege: Jordan and I have been witnesses to awful human speech and behavior -- our ears are lint traps for terrible selfish hilarious one-liners. So when he approached me with it, I immediately got it. I think he is insanely talented and unafraid of writing truly damaged gay people. I include gay people because many many gay writers are afraid to show that worst parts of who we can be and who we all are at times. We love to write terrible women and flawed straight people, but many of us are hesitant to portray the broken side of us -- and make it funny. That's a very rare storm of brilliance, and that is Jordan Firstman.

What are you currently working on?
Drew Droege: I'm doing lots of live theatre/comedy shows/podcasts in L.A., as well as developing two scripted projects for television. I'm going to be on "2 Broke Girls" and "Kroll Show," the upcoming Paramount film "Scouts Vs. Zombies," as well as returning to next season's "Drunk History." There are more Chloe videos in the can and we're going to shoot season two of "Not Looking." Jim Hansen and Jeffery Self's upcoming gay mumbergore slasher comedy, "You're Killing Me," will hopefully be completed and in festivals next year. And yes, I would happily be in a feature version of "The Disgustings."



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