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9 Things To Say Next Time Someone Asks How You're Doing After Divorce

The hardest question to answer post-divorce is usually asked by well-meaning friends and acquaintances: "Are you ok?"

It's like being told to summarize your entire emotional roller coaster ride in 30 seconds or less. That's a tall order, whether the end of your marriage felt like a '80s horror film, a stand-up comedy routine waiting to happen, or something in between.

Luckily, you're not alone. Plenty of famous writers, thinkers and celebrities found ways communicate the confusion, pain and, ultimately, hopefulness that comes with splitting up. Steal one of their quippy lines below:

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So writes best-selling author Jennifer Weiner in her novel, "Fly Away Home." She adds, "Nobody ever died of divorce."

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Comedian Henry Youngman was known as the King of One Liners for his razor-sharp wit and less-than-romantic view of love.

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The comedian, filmmaker and writer gives divorce court an almost-erotic appeal.

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Divorce was particularly good news for the comedian, who turned his failed marriage into some very successful standup routines.

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This cynicism is fitting of Gailbraith, who was one of the wittiest economists in American history.

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The fabulous socialite and actress Zsa Zsa Gabor had her fair share of bedfellows: she married nine times.

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While media mogul Sumner Redstone actually made this statement about a business plan to divide his Viacom empire, we think it applies nicely to any ill-suited marital union.

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Country music singer and songwriter Willie Nelson went through three divorces, so he ought to know.

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The quote comes from author Susanna Moodie's book, "Roughing it in the Bush: Or, Life in Canada". Though Moodie was never divorced, we'd say this quote shows her sympathies.

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