10/28/2014 11:05 am ET Updated Oct 28, 2014

That Time Blake Griffin Attended A 'White Party' At Donald Sterling's House

Clippers star Blake Griffin told an anecdote about going to an exclusively white function hosted by disgraced ex-Clippers owner Donald Sterling -- and it got the intended laughs.

That's because Griffin was talking about a "white party" in which Sterling asked everyone to dress in white. Sterling, meanwhile, dressed in black.

"It's ironic," Griffin declared on "Conan" Monday. "You guys get it, right?"

Until last April, when a tape of Sterling making racist comments about black people was released, Griffin's story might not have gone anywhere. But now that Sterling has been banned from the NBA because of the bigoted remarks, Griffin's account of the 2009 party he attended as a freshly drafted rookie resonates.

The player recalled Sterling holding his hand as he guided him around a room in his Malibu home, asking his prized prospect the same questions over and over in front of different guests. "Just keep smiling," Griffin remembers being told by another guest. "It will all be over soon."

For more details about Griffin's odd encounter with his new boss at the time, check out his essay at The Players' Tribune.

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