10/28/2014 07:28 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

33 Reasons You Should Be Thrilled To Have The NBA Back In Your Life

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Whether you genuflect before Los Angeles' point god or are an apostle of Boston's basketball Jesus, your prayers have been answered. The National Basketball Association is back. The long summer of your disinterest is over.

Here are 33 reasons why hardcore hoops devotees and even casual fans should be very glad to have the NBA back in their lives:

LeBron James has a new "Big Three."

lebron love irving

Northeast Ohio has its own "Flying Death Machine."

But the ageless Spurs are still champs and still pass like this ...

... and coach Pop will still own in-game interviews.

'Inside The NBA' is back on TNT ...

... and Charles Barkley is still speaking his mind.

Derrick Rose is healthy and the Bulls are contenders.

Blake Griffin is going to continue throwing down dunks like this ...

... and may be be ready to fight anyone who tries to stop him.

Phil Jackson's Triangle Has Cornered The Garden ...

phil jackson knicks

... but it's always going to be 'Zensanity,' not zen, In New York.


FreeDarko previewed every game this season for GQ ...

... because the NBA Internet is the weirdest and best sports Internet.

Charlotte has its Hornets back.

You just never know what J.R. Smith might do ...

... or share on social media.


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Paul Pierce in a Wizards jersey? Paul Pierce in a Wizards jersey!

paul pierce

NBA teams voted AGAINST anti-taking measures.

So, the Philadelphia 76ers seem primed for lottery run ...

... and a dance party.

You can watch "The Starters" on NBA TV.

Pretty damn excited to talk ball in front of this new set! #TheStarters

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Becky Hammon is making history.

becky hammon spurs

Kobe Bryant is ready for his 19th season ...

... and Black Mamba still has something to prove to ESPN's "idiots."

The sky is the limit for Anthony Davis

You can stop worrying and trust the #WojBomb.

DeMarcus Cousins is going to boogie.

Javale McGee is going to do whatever it is he does.

In most cases, @cjzero will have the video, Vine, pic or GIF you need.

Announcer Kevin Harlan has no regard for human eardrums.

Donald Sterling is out ...

... and new Clippers owner Steve Ballmer is psyched.

Adam Silver > Roger Goodell.

adam silver donald sterling press conference