10/29/2014 09:41 am ET Updated Oct 29, 2014

HBO Tags YouTube In Anticipation Of Its Upcoming Banksy Documentary

Banksy's version of an exhibition consists of transforming the entire city of New York into a dynamic canvas, as he proved with last year's "Better Out Than In." Turns out a Banksy-centric trailer is just as eccentric.

In anticipation of Chris Moukarbel​​'s user-generated documentary "Banksy Does New York," chronicling 2013's street art residency, HBO Documentary Films is "leaking" sneak peeks of the footage every day until the film's HBO GO premiere on October 31. But as the world of street art knows all too well, good things must come to an end, and thus each clip will be removed after 24 hours on YouTube. Think of it as digital vandalism.

"Banksy Does New York" follows Banksy's month-long period as New York's "artist-in-residence," as captured and proliferated via YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. The film will debut on HBO GO and HBO On Demand on October 31 and on HBO on November 17. Until its debut, check back for the latest in the ephemeral previews, available (temporarily) on YouTube.

During Banksy's 2013 exhibition, New York Magazine's Jerry Saltz commented: "Banksy is a great promo man; Banksy is not an artist; Banksy is an act." Whether or not you agree with the second half of that statement, the early part now seems especially certain. Check out the trailer below:



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