10/29/2014 09:09 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Beheaded Long Island Woman May Have Been Killed By Son: Report

Police in New York say that the woman whose headless body was discovered in Farmingdale last night may have been killed by her own son.

Authorities said that the body of a woman in her 60s was found on the street just 20 minutes before a man in his 30s jumped into the path on an oncoming Long Island Rail Road train Tuesday night.

An unnamed police source told the New York Daily News that the victims are believed to be mother and son.

WNBC reports that police are investigating the case as a murder-suicide.

Jack Imperial, a witness who saw the gruesome scene as he was taking a cab to a meeting last night, told the New York Daily News that he "thought it was a Halloween hoax" at first because "there was no big splatter of blood."

“The body’s feet were at the curb, the shoulders were at the middle of the street. The head was across the street,” Imperial told the newspaper. “I’ve seen some gruesome stuff in my years of living... but nothing like this. I didn’t expect to see something like this, especially not out here.”

Another witness told the New York Post that the bloody scene led from an apartment out into the street.

“There was blood all over the floor,” Nick Gordon, who lives next door to the crime scene, said. “You can see smears going down the stairs… as if somebody were pulling a body.”

The section of track where the man apparently threw himself in front the train was closed while police were on scene last night, but reopened for the morning rush, according to tweets from the LIRR.

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