10/29/2014 06:42 pm ET Updated Oct 29, 2014

Does Greek Life Cost Too Much?

The Washington Post via Getty Images

The New York Times recently looked at the expense of joining a sorority. They spoke with sorority girls about incurring fines, the price of big/little week, and dues that could double as rent in some cities.

As a former sorority girl, looking at the numbers is shocking, even though I experienced them. Now that I’m a struggling postgrad, would I like that money back to spend on groceries instead of crafts? Absolutely. Would I trade my experience in my sorority for the chance to have some extra money after rent? No. It’s that simple. While I won’t say college was the best four years of my life because I don’t want to have peaked too soon, I will say that my sorority helped make me who I am in every way. Yes, I do think the price tag is absolutely ridiculous now that I’m an adult woman with bills to pay, but that doesn’t mean I discount the benefits that came with the high price of sisterhood.

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